Contact A Skilled Domestic Violence Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Contact A Skilled Domestic Violence Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Protect Yourself Against a Violent Spouse

Are you suffering physical, emotional and mental abuse from another partner or family member? The trauma of domestic abuse is devastating-it can be difficult to know who to trust. Reach out to Lateesha D. Hunter, P.C. to speak with a compassionate domestic violence lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK.

With extensive domestic violence training and years of experience, Lateesha Hunter will help you find safety through a Victim Protection Order or VPO. Call 405-534-2200 today to receive legal guidance from an accomplished family law attorney.

Understand the types of protection you can be granted

Your domestic violence lawyer will provide evidence and documentation to make the strongest case for your VPO. A protection order may include several provisions, including:

  • No contact provision-this prohibits the abuser from contact of any kind.
  • Peaceful contact provision-this provision allows only peaceful interactions for limited reasons, such as child visitation.
  • Stay away provision-this orders the abuser to stay a certain distance away at all times.
  • Move out provision-this requires the abuser to move out of the victim's home

Let the law speak for you. Contact a family law attorney to get started on a VPO request in Oklahoma City, OK.