Are You Looking to Adopt?

Are You Looking to Adopt?

Work with an adoption lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Adding to your family through adoption is an exciting event. However, you will need an adoption lawyer to handle the paperwork involved with obtaining parental rights. For guidance through the process, rely on Lateesha D. Hunter, P.C.

Lateesha Hunter has been helping Oklahoma City, OK families with adoptions for years and in a variety of circumstances. From newlyweds with kids to working with adoption agencies, she can help you obtain the right documents and file them with the courts.

Call her office now for legal counseling for your adoption and parental rights needs.

Get guidance through the adoption process

Adoption can be complicated-you need legal assistance from a qualified professional. When you choose Lateesha Hunter as your adoption lawyer, she will:

  • Discuss your situation with you and your family
  • Obtain the necessary records and paperwork
  • File everything with the courts to make your adoption legal

Lateesha D. Hunter, P.C. can make the legal process a breeze, allowing your family to rest easy. Contact her now to learn more about adoption and parental rights services in Oklahoma City, OK.