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Parenting Coordination in Oklahoma City, OK

Let Lateesha Hunter Resolve Disputes

Parenting disputes can be messy and can put children in the middle of it all. Family law cases are often deeply emotional and confrontational. Sometimes, all it takes is an outside perspective to understand the best course of action for your family. Call your local family law firm to see if a parenting coordinator is right for you and your family inn Oklahoma City, OK. As an experienced parenting coordinator, Lateesha Hunter is able to hold a neutral position and make decisions and recommendations based on the whole picture. Parenting coordinators allow parenting disputes to be settled outside the courtroom.

Lateesha Hunter will serve as your parenting coordinator during your family law dispute to ensure that your voice is heard. Call her office today to learn more.

How can a parental coordinator help?

Lateesha Hunter is both a guardian ad litem and a family law attorney, giving her the knowledge and experience to be an effective parenting coordinator. She can help resolve a number of parenting issues, including:

  • Identifying disputes
  • Reducing misunderstandings
  • Clarifying priorities
  • Facilitating compromises
  • Establishing better communication

The purpose of a parental coordinator is not to choose sides or make decisions. Your family law attorney will focus on collaboration and peaceful resolutions. Contact our family law firm today to do what's best for your family in Oklahoma City, OK.