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Do What's Best for Your Child

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Things can get heated during litigation, but you just want what's best for your child. A qualified child custody attorney can ensure that your child gets the emotional and financial support they need. Reach out to Lateesha D. Hunter, P.C. today to discuss the details of your case. Lateesha Hunter will represent you during your child custody case

What to expect during your child custody case

When you're getting ready to fight for custody of your child, you should know exactly what to expect. During a child custody hearing, a judge will look at:

  • School records
  • Parents' social media accounts
  • Documentation of abuse or neglect
  • Emails and texts between parents
  • Child's medical history

As an experienced child custody attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, Lateesha Hunter can help you prepare for court. Call her office today to schedule an appointment.