Protect Your Parental Rights

Protect Your Parental Rights

Lateesha Hunter can help you fight for parental custody in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you have questions about paternity issues? Turn to Lateesha D. Hunter, P.C. in Oklahoma City, OK. Paternity is usually an issue when a child has unmarried parents. If you're fighting for custody of a child but aren't married to the child's mother or father, you need to establish paternity. Call Lateesha Hunter today to learn more about your paternity case.

Be prepared to establish paternity in these situations

Why would you need a family law attorney to help you prove the paternity of a child? Establishing paternity is an important part of:

  • Deciding child custody for unmarried parents
  • Changing the child's last name
  • Negotiating child support payments

Reach out to Lateesha Hunter today if you're building a parental custody case in Oklahoma City, OK. She'll help you establish paternity to exercise your parental rights of custody and visitation.